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Arundel Holt Court

A little piece of heaven in the hills of West Sussex HouseGarden





Arundel Holt Court is, first and foremost a family home, set in the hills between Petworth and Pulborough, Fittleworth and Wisborough Green, within the unspoilt West Sussex countryside and the South Downs National Park.

The house is named after the wood in which it stands, Arundel Holt, which is in, what was at one time, the largest beech forest in the country. The house is probably coming up for a hundred years old and has been added to over the years with an architect describing it as a very good example of ‘ad hoc-ism‘, not one of the classic schools!

There is evidence that the first people to use the site were charcoal burners, beech being a particularly good wood for charcoal, and huge beech trees providing the stunning backdrop to the garden.

Since we moved here, at the end on 2003, we have done much work to the house but also made many major changes to the garden. We are not natural, or indeed talented, gardeners but at certain times of the year, especially May, July and August, Mother Nature is very kind and puts on some stunning displays.

The rhododendrons in May are phenomenal as are the autumnal colours of the beech.